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  • Lexi is just so cute the rivera

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  • 7:30 awesome face lexi

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  • Thats realy scary

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  • No Lexi is not a loser

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  • Me when I was new to the channel and seening a sign that say lexi r and lexi l I thought it was lexi right and lexi left haha

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  • Hi if any of you are Filipinos I think you guys know that the guy with the white hair is also helping him do what's in box challenges and stuff like that

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  • Lexi you are the best

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  • Thousand balloons want housefull @ Alexa Rivera

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  • Ben really look like matty b

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  • Literally when u said surprise I was drinking water and I spilled the water in my phones screen

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  • Hey so today is 21 oct 2020 and yesterday was 20 oct 2020 so one year to this video 💓

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  • Sori AJėm lėhtainija

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  • I'm rewatching the on October 19 and it was published on October 19 last year

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  • The day i am watching this exactly a year later and didnt notice

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  • That's why we love Rivera's ❤

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  • Brent, if she break your play button, break her 1M play button😃😃😃

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  • Today is the 19th of October

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  • Omg you our the best

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  • Like this

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  • Lexi: Brents new house 11 months later* Lexi:making Starbucks in brents new house Me:so basically it's still new for 11 months

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  • Who else is watching this video in 2020😝

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  • 2:45 quarantine coming in be like

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  • smiling

    rosalyn beast plays roblox!rosalyn beast plays roblox!Pirms 7 dienām
  • 5:44 the aligator is smilinh

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  • WELL YOU HAVE 5MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The lexi’s came in with the masks before corona season

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  • Prank call rabaca

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  • lexi your the best you dont suck

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  • Congrats Lexi on 5million subscribers

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  • I really exited to see how brent is going to react

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  • wait is not behind you brent?

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  • Lexi you are so nice 💓

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  • Your almost at 5 million

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  • When you get 10 million play butten Brent is gonna steal it and break it

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  • Is it just me or she not exited

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  • Ur such a bad sis lexi

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  • Only me who didn’t know her name actually was Alexa not Lexi? Me:👁👄👁

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  • and i,m just sitting in the clostet

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  • your so beautifil and i,m so sorry if i speld that wrong i just want to live with you amd do a lot of pranks on brent your just so beautiful

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  • Hi

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  • LOL

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  • I love how Brent said Im kidding to Lexi when he wrote Lexi sucks and Lexi says stuff to him and is like I MEAN IT

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  • Such a nice surprise And liked and subscribed

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  • At least when brent says she sucks he says im kidding but my brothers boy we've got a whole new story

  • Brents reaction was SO FUNNY

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  • but lexi you can be pritty mean some times

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  • brent we love you i hope you know that i love you to lexi and all of your friends is well love you all

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  • Why doesn’t Lexi have 10 million subscribers? She’s maybe better than Brent. Lexi is Awesome. 😎

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  • Lexi R: Oh.... My gosh Jeremy: Let's go babyy! Brent: WhAt?! Ben: What THE HECK

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  • Hey you have 4,95 😜

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  • The alligator is a little scary

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  • Andrew looked like Justin Bieber in this video 🤣

  • Lol wamn to andrew tongue tho in d outro😂😂 still cute😍😍😂

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  • lexi is so mean she should be ashamed

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  • Lexi brent just won a 10 million so why are you writng congrats loser its its confusin🤣🤣

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  • Does she really love ben??

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  • Mason was the best reaction to seeing the alligator 😂

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  • Ben is a cheater see amp worldrecent video today he was kissing someone else?

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  • The thats so funny your brother face😱😱😆😆

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