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  • OMG love you guys! If you appreciate what I had to go through, give this video a like!!

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    • Lexi you're lucky enough brice didn't tortured you much for this one but image if you'd had ben or Brent for this they could do much more than this and hopefully it's not that you're going to like it 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅

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  • This is how many realised that she is OVER 1 mil and she said she is nearly at it👏👏👏👏👏🤐🤐(NO HATE)| |

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  • I'm excited for 1 million! Me watching this at 5.2 mil

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  • I love you Lexi!!

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  • 💤 day It you like the best one you are the most amazing man you ever had for him now you get the opportunity he wants you he never gets any better or worse for the next few years he’s the same way you can’t be so lucky that I don’t ever have the chance you do for the past two days you guys were just talking about you you really got the money I actually wanted you I would give you some things you could tell I love ❤️ you make r the app but I think 🤔 needs

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  • Love you Lexi Rivera

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  • 1.50 you sounded like a machinegun

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  • Bryce sounds like Brent, and the voice tone is the same, I LOVE ITTT

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  • Lexi: I am in hypothermic shock rn! I feel uncomfortable Brice: good cause I feel great!😂

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  • Isn't that your brother

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  • She s close to 5 million in October, 2020!!!

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  • Who supports Gay and Lez Bean and Bi and ect.? Comment

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  • Where's Blake? And is Brice your brother?

    Abdul kadirAbdul kadirPirms 11 dienām
  • It was rued to of lexi to tell her brother as camera man Bryce did everything and was always there

    Swastika RaiSwastika RaiPirms 13 dienām
  • Anyone else in 2020? Just me ok

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  • Which camera do u use Lexi ?

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  • I feel sorry for you lexi

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  • You know he is tour brother not your camera man right

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  • Wait!????? Brice is her brother!!!!! Oh okay......that's uhh cool edit:or is it Blake?

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  • done

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  • Love so much lexi

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  • hi Lexi i wanna letcha know Brice may've forgotten something. if he pushes you the die will go away

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  • 2019: we r KINDA close to 1M 2020: has almost 5M subs Love u Lexi ❤

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  • Yeah that hoodie looks familiar

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  • You should say yes to Brent for whole day

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  • Isn't Bryce her Big Bro?

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  • Lexi I watch ur channel everyday can I be a shout out plzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Mans said cameraman when he’s her brother 😂

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  • Yay she’s wearing the sweater Ben bought her! 😃

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  • Who's watching this in 2020

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  • Wait don't u have to wear wasks in the shops? Edit: Anddddd yep I just realized that this video was posted 1 year ago. But if there are like 48° outside WHY THE HELL ARE U WEARING A HOODIE AND WHY THE HELL ARE U SAD ABT GETTING IN THE POOL

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  • Calling ur own brother camera man???????

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  • it did from brent and the soktwins🙌😌

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  • Have he has a name

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  • The editing of this video was kinda different from others🤔

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  • Brice is too kind for her to be a cameraman for her. He's actually a Chef. And he also produces her videos.

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  • actually Lexi's camera man is actually her brother Brice

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  • I like lexi

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  • Lexi I think it is not a good idea

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  • this is not cool it is brice your brother he loves you so much he is not your ✌camera man✌

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  • Isn’t the camera man Brice rivera

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  • 1:51 best part of the vdo Love yoy LEXI

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  • the thing s you do for youtube

    test out apps that are liestest out apps that are liesPirms Mēneša
  • But I am sorry for Lexi so I will like it

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  • I hate brice now

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  • Yes

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  • When Brice is actually Brent

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  • Lexi: we are almost at 1M! Me in 2020: looking at the amount of subscribers and she now has 4.73M ✨🥰🥺 u have come so far Lexi! Luv you 😌

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    • at 5 mill now

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    • she now has 5 million

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    • Its actually 4.92 Mill

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    • She is actually at 4.86 million subscribers

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    • More than half of the subscribers she has have probably come from brent 🤷‍♀️ (no hate no offense she is working hard too n I appreciate that)

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  • How many brothers and sisters do you have

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  • Lexi or Alex I have something to tell you... in safari I found out that u r adopted!!! SERIUS

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  • Lexi this video is very old

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  • Lexi:Saying Yes to my camera Me: that’s literally your brother

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  • Lexi: it’s like literally 48° rn Me chilling in Scotland when it’s like 10° here and the highest it’s went up to where I live is like 35°. Me: oh well u won’t want to come here then 😂😂

    Brooklyn MartinBrooklyn MartinPirms Mēneša
    • You know she meant fahrenheit right

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  • Lexi i and my siblings love to see you, your brother and your friend youtube video... we love to watch it.. we are your biggest fan😀😘

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  • I live somewhere different so when Lexi said it’s 48 degrees I was like that’s so hot were I live.

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  • Youll always hate what's wrong with the video its amazing

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