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  • You should do last to leave the warehouse wins the thousand dollars or staying overnight in the warehouse

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  • Did no one else notice Ben's arm bleeding??

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  • brent mask was not scary at all

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  • ben still gets things for lexi after she was so mean to him aweee

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  • Lexi if you do another cut like that go like “AHHHHHHHHH BEN!!” It’s more believable just a tip

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  • You olny did 2 day not a full week

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  • Tell Ben to do a 24 hour challenge in his warehouse

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    • Time stamp: 1:40

      Dove MuccinoDove MuccinoPirms 3 dienām
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    • This made me think wrong 😳

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  • He actually cares about you! Awwwwwww

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    • can you give me your phone number

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    • Great idea

      D's miraculous LadybugD's miraculous LadybugPirms 4 dienām
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