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  • Can you get me something cuz it's almost my birthday I want a skate shoes and they are pink and they glow I want to sing a song for you. Crystalline darling darling the Starling bar do want them glow in the dark pink shoes is messed up sorry,😇😇😄

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  • So your basiclay playing with his feelings😑

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  • notice how bens name has a heart on it;)

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  • Plot twist:Caleb’s the one who actually loves and likes lexi😎

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  • We’re Caleb noe

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    • Now

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  • I'm a big fan my favorite one of you guys is Andrew and of course it's brand

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  • if u guys wondering why caleb told andrew about the prank before cuz he knew andrew likes lexi and is gonna confess thats the reason

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  • welp i actually came here again because i wanted to compare andrew's reaction in lexi's & chloe's video but i forgot that caleb ruined it 😂 but im sure caleb did that bcs the boys knew that Andrew also has feelings for lexi.

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  • Hello How Are You Hope You Are Having A Amazing Day!

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    • I disagree

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  • what if he really liked you that would be hard to watch what if you didn't tale your boyfriend and he gave you payback stel hard to watch just like wen he pranked you wen you trand to send 24 hours in bens house

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  • Note in the description she put andrews yet channel first, and when she said guess what Andrew I do have feelings for you he said nooo, she never said I’m kidding!

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