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  • You guys should watch Lexi's youth gymnasts

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  • Lexi Rivera is really good at gymnastics. I Love. gymnastics as well. Lexi please reply to my comment!

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  • Omggggggggggg that was the funniest thing I ever saw on LVcrone Like if same Comment if you said Lexi would win

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  • gymnastic is one of my favorite thing to do but i cannot do gymnastic i only can do handstand and and frontroll and backroll

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  • Lexi love your videos and you are beautiful

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  • Kyrgyz has a a little bit of time for me to do so much fun but it’s really hard to get a good one piece of it haha ris is a good night I love you bye love bye see if I can get you a good one for you bruh is a a little more time for us and then I have to go play some music for the next two weeks so I’ll have a a good night bye love bye buddy I’ll try and see if it gets to help me check it out and I see it a lot and then goes bye lol lol bruh was your birthday so what do we have all of that we are talking into to do we can talk to her and see if we could do that or something or not lol she just put me on Twitter the time and it was really fun but it’s so hard that she doesn’t get the game be cause it was so just because I don’t have to play it because I really she has no not really what she did and then she said I didn’t get her and then she had no money to go back in and it didn’t get done because I was so just so items and I didn’t want her money so she can get her money back because you didn’t want me to come out ya own and I just want to play a lot of it and I don’t have a a lot of time for me to do it bruh yis I u itu was the time to come home xto Xerox was a a time of fun fun game but I cannot is the time to play a little

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  • I just want to play it because it is so much better than the other games that I’ve played with it and I play this all the game play it on the server is so fun and I play the challenge with it all over the game play it all day I just got done and then I’ll be playing the game play it and I play the challenge game but it doesn’t work I just got it bruh bruh was that the game was that I was going through it and it doesn’t even work and it’s ok but I have no idea how much it is to be a game play it doesn’t work

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