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  • OMG Jermy's so easy to prank I like how how he said ;is this a prank

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  • Ben : i don't want to touch your toes Lexi: please Ben :fine

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  • They don't have to wear seat belts in America but in Australia you cannot drive without a seatbelt

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  • When you did the ding dong ditch to don you should’ve locked the car door so he wouldn’t get in

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  • Hey Lexi or anyone who has a LVcrone channel please tell me what editing app do you use please I am also a LVcroner a new one so please help

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  • Ben is the sweetest guy ever!! Some dude in the background (I think it was Andrew) said “yo her feet smell” and then once Ben won the challenge he says: “hey do you want a foot massage anyway?” LEXI ITS CLEAR HE LIKE U

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