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  • i hate peresnt

    kerry wettenkerry wettenPirms Stundas
  • ur with ur boyfriend n sister in law

    Shirley AnthonyShirley AnthonyPirms 3 Stundām
  • Great

    Nesreen KhazoulaNesreen KhazoulaPirms 8 Stundām
  • You make me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt

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  • if i was there I would laugh

    Eric RwigambaEric RwigambaPirms 2 dienām
  • 👏👏👏

    who cares? mewho cares? mePirms 2 dienām
  • Why does Ben always remove his shirt

    Cookie PlayzCookie PlayzPirms 2 dienām
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Lenaya RuizLenaya RuizPirms 3 dienām
  • ليش كلهم مستترين الا انتي

    Park jemenPark jemenPirms 3 dienām
  • no one... not even a single soul... pierson:BRING OUT THE BROOM

    emarie eastersemarie eastersPirms 3 dienām
  • Why did Brent have all the reds???

    Olivia TolleyOlivia TolleyPirms 3 dienām
  • very good acting guys

    durrah naserdurrah naserPirms 3 dienām
  • I love you lexa

    Meera AlhosaniMeera AlhosaniPirms 4 dienām
  • Lexa

    Meera AlhosaniMeera AlhosaniPirms 4 dienām
  • im supposed to be doing hw rn but id rather watch yt

    Buddy RhodesianBuddy RhodesianPirms 4 dienām
  • Jeremy is cute

  • Germany is cute

  • Why is the name Alexa

  • There linke the funiest people ever😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    Mutiat FolashadeMutiat FolashadePirms 4 dienām
  • My favourite colour's green and lexi rivera (my favourite from the Amp squad) has chosen green

    Scarlett's MagicScarlett's MagicPirms 4 dienām
  • The worst emojis That are pot toghter are🎅🏼💩🤛

    Ana GoianAna GoianPirms 4 dienām
  • red

    Vanessa AfonsoVanessa AfonsoPirms 4 dienām
  • Lexi that is so unfair and rude. How could you do that to brent

    Achila LemturAchila LemturPirms 4 dienām
  • Yo Lexi repeat 🤲👐🙌👏🤝👍👎👊✊🤛🤜🤞✌️👈🤏👌🤘🤟✋☝️👇👆👉🤙👋🖖🖐🤚🙏✍️🖕🦾💪

    Deron NyantehDeron NyantehPirms 4 dienām
  • What app do you use ???

    Nafeesathul MarjanaNafeesathul MarjanaPirms 4 dienām
  • Lexi:Hey guys welcome BACK to my LVcrone channel! Ben:👏 Pierson:👏 Me:YASS QUEEN🥳🤩

    SunsetRose✨SunsetRose✨Pirms 5 dienām
  • Hey

    Rhodes WilliamsRhodes WilliamsPirms 5 dienām
  • Hi xx

    Summer AdebayoSummer AdebayoPirms 5 dienām
  • Lexi if you ever see this I hope you are safe and happy you are very pretty

    julianna vasquezjulianna vasquezPirms 5 dienām
  • You should’ve pranked Lexi

    Everything AwesomeEverything AwesomePirms 5 dienām
  • No one pranked Lexi

    Nova RunyanNova RunyanPirms 6 dienām
  • Lexi when started youtube "i will give you guys skin care routines." Lexi here in 2020 pranking BRENT and everyone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    it's me ishait's me ishaPirms 6 dienām
  • How misses brevaaaa😭😭😭😭 👇

    Michelle MiaoMichelle MiaoPirms 6 dienām
  • What did start period mean I'm only 10 just tell me can't be that bad

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  • your videos are so good your so good

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  • my favourate color is belu

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  • hi

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  • Put blue cloths in grants room

    Dakota JonesDakota JonesPirms 6 dienām
  • I love you so much

    Jen McGregorJen McGregorPirms 6 dienām
  • I can't imagine how lucky the neighbours are... to be getting live entertainment every week😂😂😂

  • It was soooo sweet and cute! I was so impressed that brent didn't embarrassed pierson!

    Nurul SheefaNurul SheefaPirms 7 dienām
  • Roses are red Ketchup is too I only have one like But why is it blue?

    Savannah WattsSavannah WattsPirms 7 dienām
  • You are so funny Lexi your videos are so so funny

    Rosiechi YanRosiechi YanPirms 7 dienām
  • this was so funny

    Sophie MillerSophie MillerPirms 7 dienām
  • Pls do video

    Jj JacksonJj JacksonPirms 7 dienām
  • Did anyone else notice that one of ben's sock🧦 was white and the other one was black🖤 😂

    Chahal MalviyaChahal MalviyaPirms 7 dienām
  • Alexa Rivera

    Dylan RamirezDylan RamirezPirms 8 dienām
  • Me thinking the wrappingpaper was a pool noodle

    • Yuuukau •• Yuuukau •Pirms 8 dienām
  • I love 😍 😍 your and brents and pierson's channel sooo much My favorite pranks Nail painting ben Ballons in brents car

    Humeira FathimaHumeira FathimaPirms 8 dienām
  • So so so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😅😆😆

    Melisa RuisMelisa RuisPirms 8 dienām
  • Did anyone notice the red pranks or on brent the blue on pierson the green on ben every time

    karma hediakarma hediaPirms 8 dienām
  • Brent: thinking periods as poop Ben: drinking windex and covering Pierson in silly string Lexi: trying to paint Ben's nails and wearing a mask Pierson: putting slime in Ben's shoes All three: covering Brent's room with red wrapping paper and filling Brent's car up with balloons Yea a perfectly normal day in the Rivera house

    Kashvi BajajKashvi BajajPirms 8 dienām
  • When its Pierson's turn, Brent would always be the victim 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Halima FaysalHalima FaysalPirms 8 dienām
  • Perison just dropped the oof bomb

    Can i get 100 subscribers?? Please?Can i get 100 subscribers?? Please?Pirms 8 dienām
  • If her name is Lexi why Is Her Channel named Alexa Rivera

    AbdirahmanAbdirahmanPirms 8 dienām
  • hi,Lexi

    衛彥霖衛彥霖Pirms 9 dienām
  • What do you do u do when your earphones are not working

    Katie WhitingKatie WhitingPirms 9 dienām
  • there is a spongebob in the back rournd

    Brannon RiosBrannon RiosPirms 9 dienām
  • The paint polish is obviously planned omg

    Todoroki's WifeTodoroki's WifePirms 9 dienām
  • It was seriously time to bring out your room on that Bloom prank with Ben never he filled up your car with lol

    Junior VegaJunior VegaPirms 9 dienām
  • Hi

    Mweene MayawaMweene MayawaPirms 9 dienām
  • The way you say "youtube channel"

    yohannes Kahsayyohannes KahsayPirms 9 dienām
  • Brent:-whispers- you have a somthing on yo butt Peirson:lol it was fake blood Brent:I DIDNT THINK IT WAS BLOOD I THOUGHT IT WAS POOP :>>>>

    DargorDargorPirms 9 dienām
  • Peirson is the best and funny

    Layan Al-hussainyLayan Al-hussainyPirms 10 dienām
  • Am I the only one that gets annoyed when Brent and Ben get mad after a prank. Like you can tell just with there voices.

    Overwatch TrendsOverwatch TrendsPirms 10 dienām
  • l like that Brent he was mad at the car thank you l love you Alexa Rivera

    Sabrina EscobarSabrina EscobarPirms 10 dienām
  • omg i like when period prank, i think brent is so sweet🥺

    kholidah horankholidah horanPirms 10 dienām
  • Why is anyone pranking lexi

    arush rr gamingarush rr gamingPirms 11 dienām
  • Ignore to brent and ben beacause they did to u

    Insha IshtiaqInsha IshtiaqPirms 11 dienām
  • Omg I love how brent reacted to the prank by pierson I love them 😍 bierson forever 💖

    sapna nairsapna nairPirms 11 dienām

    Shannon LangeShannon LangePirms 11 dienām
  • Love you Lexi Rivera

    Mike SareiniMike SareiniPirms 11 dienām
  • Brent is so cute I wonder how he is single

    Madhumithaa PastayMadhumithaa PastayPirms 11 dienām
  • Rons Family station

    priti mehtapriti mehtaPirms 11 dienām
  • So i love the video bat i think its scripted

    venom monstervenom monsterPirms 12 dienām
  • 6:28 you can see spongebob behind Pierson

    Destinee GardnerDestinee GardnerPirms 12 dienām
  • funny

    Jillian WatsonJillian WatsonPirms 12 dienām
  • Hi Lexi I am new and I have watched few of your videos and I am really enjoying it ❣️ I love you 💕

    Augusline WheatonAugusline WheatonPirms 12 dienām
  • Hi

    Coo coo koalas!Coo coo koalas!Pirms 12 dienām
  • Who ships Brent and person

    Erika KaplanErika KaplanPirms 12 dienām
  • I don't know why but I love love love to hear your intro🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 lots of love 💓 Lexi

    umme suhaumme suhaPirms 13 dienām
  • Like the 3rd time they covered Brent's room in something

    Kalyani RajamaniKalyani RajamaniPirms 13 dienām
  • Like my comet if you ship Breison

    yenny sandovalyenny sandovalPirms 13 dienām
  • Your name is Lexi os alexa

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  • newsongs

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  • hi

    Ryan VanDykeRyan VanDykePirms 13 dienām
  • i liked alexa

    Nicholette BalthazarNicholette BalthazarPirms 13 dienām
  • Poor ben his in neck must be hurting on bending his head to talk to lexi hensler Pause the video at 3:29 and laugh

    Bal NiketanBal NiketanPirms 13 dienām
  • who noticed Lexi Rivera did not get pranked

    Nandini AshokNandini AshokPirms 14 dienām
  • Hw Many Cars Do You Have bruhh

    Brainy MrthemBrainy MrthemPirms 14 dienām
  • Who loves lexi more?❤️❤️❤️

    Sariah NoronhaSariah NoronhaPirms 15 dienām
  • I need part 2

    Rida HasanRida HasanPirms 15 dienām
  • I love this kinds of videos 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Anahi ReynosoAnahi ReynosoPirms 15 dienām
  • pierson is wearing red under her green dress

    DiyToy CloudDiyToy CloudPirms 15 dienām
  • Lexi you are so beautiful i love your red shirt

    DiyToy CloudDiyToy CloudPirms 15 dienām
  • Sara WilliSara WilliPirms 15 dienām
  • Do you scare me with the mask

    Sabrina SamadiSabrina SamadiPirms 15 dienām
  • When they did the red Ballon prank I felt like that u would see that in a IT movie and the Hallows would pop and be all blood 💉

    Sun flowerSun flowerPirms 15 dienām

    erica hoffmanerica hoffmanPirms 15 dienām

    erica hoffmanerica hoffmanPirms 15 dienām