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  • I love when you do gymnastics with the boys it's hilarious it makes me laugh and my mom's like what do you laughing at and I'm like watched this and then she starts laughing

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  • evenknow i cant swim

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  • Alexa terrified the boys oh my gosh so funny *lol* Leave a like on this comment if you agree with me or leave a reply

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  • hi I am ruby Stucki, oh and I am Bryn daughter I am a super big fan

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  • Lexi and Ben’s eyes are soooo beautiful and pretty and any other things you could say to make them beautiful!

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  • Actaully I think Brent

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  • I am from India but I like California a lot...

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  • Lexi u r the cutest

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  • Brent:redo Does even worse

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  • Friday 16th October my school is having an mini Olympics I go to Temple Learning Academy sort for TLA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Chose best Olympics Ben or Brent

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  • my sister is only 12 and she can run a mile without walking in roughly 3 minutes

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  • Lexi i wanna tell u that a gymnastics gym is called a gymnasium

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  • 1. Brent: Rude but cute 2.Lexi: Beauty and cutie 3.Ben: Good like a hen Hope u like the ryming plz don't get offended

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  • Brent and ben look ridiculous. (:

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  • Is it just me or is Ben always wearing the T-shirt that says anti social club

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  • Me: laughs at Brent and Ben in gymnastics Also me: gives it a shot does it worst then Donald Trump

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  • Brent’s diving skills or whatever that was made me laugh sooooo much Me:hehehehe My family: should we call 911 Me: hehehehehehehe

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  • My little brother can dive better than Brent

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