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  • I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FROM sara CORDELL 😙😎😚😚😎😚🎶🎷📻

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  • Jeremys face get so confused

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  • Starbucks can prank you to ahhhh😂

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  • Jeremy is Cute

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  • This video idea was originally from sis vs bro waiting for you to do it

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  • I rate it 100000000/10 ;)

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  • Omg hi I am a huge fan and I love ur vids also tell Brent and Ben that ima huge fan of there channel to

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  • Lol the fact they copied sis vs bro

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  • Lol “this Starbucks isssssssssss not good”

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  • A 5 year old would be like looking up were that Starbucks

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  • y did they stand according to height tho??😂

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  • 2w2. Two. Coronavirus cases and deaths from coronavirus cases in new condition of

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  • Bro she’s cute

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  • Lexi only has 5.03 subscribers because of Brent

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  • Bent: This Starbucks su-not good

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  • Andrew sucks! We need ben!

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  • house sounds very hollow because there are very few furniture. Are they renting this place?

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  • I want a strawberry Frappuccino.

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  • Brent's house is pretty.

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  • Hi my name is Delayah Booker this is moms channel. But ha I love you!!!!!!!

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  • tall him to pit his shrit back on

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  • Andru is kind of cute I am not going to lie

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  • It looks like a really starbuct

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  • Why don't you tou guys go over to the twins house🏡

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  • Awwww Brent, you finally like something your sister came up with. How cute.

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  • I like her when she starts to says yeah

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  • Hi Lexi I love your videos and my name is Jasmine I like a how you treat your nan and just I love your videos and you like I'm 13 years old I love how you treat your nan and you like

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  • E ben

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  • Alexa is the new trend uwu

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  • You can tell that Brent was gonna say This starbucks sucks but I stead of saying sucks he said This starbucks is not good Like if you agree

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  • So is no one going to talk about how she LITERALLY COPIED KYLE'S STARBUCKS VIDEO!

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  • I think you are pretty

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  • I bet he was just Andrew was down and he just popped up and when you clap together like you give him a note to do it

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  • Make a mc Donald’s aggre

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  • Hi

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  • Is Andrew lexi’s new boyfriend

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  • I think brent ordered Pierson's favourite drink "pumpkin spice latte" ... I think ... I remember Pierson saying that it's her favourite in some other video... If not ..peace ✌️... #brierson❤️

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  • 👉👈

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  • me: *watches video* Lexi: I don't know, would you call Ariana grande Ariana medium?! me: hAhAhAhAhAhAaAaAaA

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  • A

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  • When they surprised Brent mason was standing there with is mouth a bit open and he let go of the door halfway it was so funny

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  • Jesus died an excruciating death on the cross for all of us and our sins and then rose again three days later, live for him❤️

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